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I'm trying to make program that can download youtube videos as mp3 files. I used this site in order to achive that. So, i downloaded content of where sTbd2e2EyTk is video id, now i have to get link to mp3 file(in this case ) but there is no link in downloaded content. I noticed that chrome developers tools(ctrl+shift+j, tab Elements) show that link and view source(ctrl+u) option in chrome gives me the same result which i get by downloading page using java. How can i get that link? I tried to fetch data using JSoap but those data that i need are not loaded on page immediately so i cannot get them.

Next code is for downloading content of web page.

I used this method for getting file but i need link..

I've done this using You can take a look of my code here : YoutubeMp3

All you have to do is the following :

@hanry and Josh M :

I've deleted my account on Github. However if you are using Google Chrome you can use the developer console in network perspective. So You can reverse engineered the download link it's how I've done that.

  1. Submit my Youtube URL to
  2. Inspect the response from the webservice
  3. Build the donwload link myself following the pattern They are using.

Request to webservice in the content body: KMU0tzLwhbE

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