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Sample 3D Video Files
Ray 3D

Last Updated 2-10-13

Times have changed!

It is now possle to share samples of my work using my new 3D YouTube channel.

Please bookmark the site, as new clips will continue to appear there.

(The following instructions contnue to work for most files.)

View downloadable Ray3D video samples in various 3D formats.

If you would like to watch sample video clips in various formats, follow the steps listed below.

(You may wish to read all of the instructions before actually performing the steps.)

1. Download and install the latest version of Peter Wimmer's marvelous (free)* "Stereoscopic Player" on your computer.

2. Download and install the free version of "DivX Player" on your computer.

3. Create a new folder on your desktop, (or any other convenient location on you hard drive).

4. Select a video clip from the list below, download and unzip the files into your newly created folder.

5. Open the ".avi" file in Stereoscopic Player. (You may "drag and drop" the files.)

6. Select the viewing format of your choice, in the "View/Viewing Method" menu.

7. Hit "Alt/Ctrl/Enter", to set your screen for optimum viewing. ("Esc" to exit.)

NOTE: For highest quality viewing, it is recommended that you DO NOT resize clips or view in "full screen" mode.

Ray3D Video Sampler

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