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Youtube Downloader HD review

Today i want to talk about this new cool app i found, and i rather want to say application or program, or piece of software.. the word “app” – is nowadays kinda for smartphones, am i right? anyways, this software is somewhat interesting and comfortable, and it’s topping the search results, so i would assume 20-30k daily visitors on their page, and some of those will download and install the program, and maybe 95% of those will be inexperienced first-time triers, who will get their computers infested with spyware, thanks to this product.. So before you do something with this program, please, read this guide carefully, watch where you need to avoid installing some of the satellite spyware included in the software package.. Well, ok, so we now know about the dangers, and it’s time to go ahead and install Youtube Downloader HD. here’s how the page (with Windows version) download link looks like:

youtube downloader hd download youtube videos high definition initial download screen, not the main page of the site

After you click on this link above, it will temporarily open a new window and offer to download the .exe file, or maybe you have it automatically, so just check your downloads folder. When downloading, Chrome and its amazing community of people who report on downloaded stuff and later Chrome decides to recommend not to download something… well… yes.. that tool, the Chrome Community’s opinion, is recommending not to download this, calls it malware, reminds not to blame them later, etc, etc. So think twice if you can contain this possible malware or you should just resort to using such online malware-free resources as Offliberty, Savefrom and ClipConverter. yes, after triggering the install process, i must agree, i see that this Youtube Downloader HD is ridden with spyware . for the fun of it, i tried downloading file with Firefox, Torch, Internet Explorer and Opera, and all 4 of these “other” major browsers did not flag this file as full of malware. it is an interesting fact, and tells us that Chrome is actually quite smart about it. use Chrome browser from Google! =)

Youtube Downloader HD: Avoid installing spyware

as we have discussed, the program is full of spyware. here’s a detailed guide on how to avoid installing spyware programs and browser hijacking agents that come with Youtube Downloader HD. also, please, note: the version i’m reviewing is it has 3 (or 4) malicious programs included, and all of them can and must be avoided during the installation process, or later it will be hard to get rid of them. the matter is, even that sotfware is trying to sneak those programs in – there is always a way to avoid installing any extra “features”. always. in this program, in all other programs, maybe it’s a part of licensing agreement or terms of service, but anyways, all these bad pieces of software can and must be skipped or refused during installation of Youtube Downloader HD.

follow this careful installation process to avoid installing the malware and spyware programs with YoutubeDownloaderHD:

  • Download it, Run it, accept the fact that it needs to make changes to your computer, nothing is actually done yet, just setup is starting up…
  • on the first Welcome screen, click first Next button.
  • then accept the License Agreement, read it carefully though first, to avoid any problems. i didn’t read it… well, i so far am planning to remove the thing after reviewing.. such tools will get you eventually – if you follow this step-by-step and avoid installing spyware, the program will eventually try to get back somehow.. like installing it when you get new version and are required to accept the license again and go through the full install process, possibly forgetting about the steps which you need to SKIP to avoid spyware being stalled.
  • then it’s accepting default installation folder, at least i did, click Next again
  • choose the Start Menu group name, click Next
  • and finally – Desktop Icon, if you want it or not, click Next
  • this next step is CRUCIAL. here YoutubeDownloaderHD wants to stick malware into your computer, stuff that will overtake your browser(s), search engine(s), etc, usually it’s hard to get rid of later, so make sure do not install it, see the image below.. DO NOT click Next this time , you have to click the SKIP button on the left, i highlighted it with a circle for easy locating. This product was called “Entrusted Search Protect”, – and i don’t want it on my computer. if you accidentally install it, go into the Windows->Programs and uninstall it from there.

Ipad 1 youtube downloader

Many. N?u ch. mu?n t?i nh?c tren Youtube b?n co th. d?ng cac d?ch v. nhu y2mate, yout hay ssyoutube (savefromnet) d. t?i nh?c MP3 t. Youtube ma khong c?n cai d?t add-on hay ph?n m?m tren may tinh. Is it illegal to download YouTube video for personal use. Many youtube to mp3 windows 8.1 would answer that question by suggesting it's something of a 'grey' area. Actually it's pretty black and white. Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download [4K] by Youtube Downloader HD review Media.